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Dry type transformer


SCB10 Encapsulated Dry Power Transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-16 14:53:36

SCB10 Encapsulated Dry Power Transformer
The meaning of each letter in the specific model of SCB10-250/10 is:
1. S: indicates that the transformer is a three-phase power transformer. If it is a single-phase transformer, it should be represented by the letter “D” or the letter “d”.
2, C: indicates that the transformer is an epoxy resin cast SCB10 encapsulated dry power transformer
3, B: It means that the low voltage side of this transformer is made of foil, and the copper foil as a low voltage wire package of the transformer has good current carrying capacity and short circuit resistance.
4, 10: Indicates that the design number of this transformer is type 10. Currently, this model is the most widely used model on the market, and it is cost-effective. The most widely used type 10 before the emergence of the type 10 is the type 9 transformer, SCB9. At present, new transformers such as SCB11 and SCB13 are gradually appearing on the market.
5, 250: indicates the calibration capacity of the transformer. The so-called calibration capacity refers to the rated capacity of the transformer. The national standard specifies that the actual capacity of the transformer is ±10% of the calibration capacity.
6, 10: indicates that the voltage level of the transformer is 10KV.

ZTELEC transformer factory test:
Winding resistance unbalance rate is less than 2%
In the case of main tapping, the impedance of the short circuit is within 6% ± 10%.
Transformer load loss within ±15% in line with national standards
The dry-type transformer has a no-load current of less than 1% and a no-load loss of less than 1.77%, which fully complies with national standards.
The temperature rise limit of the transformer winding is 100K, so the transformer is used so that it cannot exceed this value.
The partial discharge of the transformer is less than 10pC, which is in line with the national scope.
The high-low voltage of the power transformer at the factory withstand voltage is 35KV (high voltage) and 3KV (low voltage).
The noise decibel of the transformer is less than 72dB (A)
The lightning impulse withstand voltage (KV) of the distribution transformer is 75KV

SCB10 dry transformer use conditions:
1. Use altitude: H<1000m
2, the working environment temperature: -25 ° C ~ +40 ° C
3, relative humidity: when the air is at +25 ° C, the relative humidity does not exceed 90%
4, wind speed: <35m / s
5. Earthquake acceleration: horizontal acceleration is 0.4m/s2
6, the workplace: no fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion level severe vibration occasions

ZTELEC SCB10 encapsulated dry power transformer, stable performance, safe and reliable.