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Dry type transformer


SG (B) non-encapsulated H-class dry power transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-17 15:29:25

SG (B) non-encapsulated H-class dry power transformer
SG (B) non-encapsulated H-class dry power transformer
has the advantages of safety, reliability, energy saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof, no harmful gas, no pollution to the environment and simple maintenance.
    It is manufactured according to strict procedures using internationally advanced design, production and testing equipment. Product performance indicators are superior to national standards, maintaining excellent electrical and mechanical performance throughout the life of the product. It is most suitable for environments with high fire protection requirements, high load fluctuations and high heat resistance levels, such as high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, subways, hospitals, power plants, metallurgical industries, shopping centers, residential areas, and petrochemical and nuclear power plants. , nuclear submarines and other places.Depending on the environment, different or different enclosures can be configured.

SG(B)10 non-encapsulated dry-type transformer performance characteristics
1. Good heat dissipation condition, long service life and strong overload capacity. It is forced to air-cool in 120% long-term overload and IP45 conditions in the afternoon, and can be operated at full load for a long time.
2. High safety and flame retardant performance, no smoke generated under long-term burning at 800 °C
3. Strong heat shock resistance (can be fully loaded at -50 ° C)
4. Unique coil structure and strong field calculation, so that the product has no local release
5. Low loss and remarkable energy saving effect. Compared with oil-immersed transformers, the no-load loss is reduced by 10% on average, and the load loss is reduced by 5%.
6. After the service life, the insulating materials and copper wires can be easily separated and recycled without polluting the environment.

Structural characteristics of H-class dry power transformer
1. Unique porcelain insulation structure, using NORA insulation cylinder and high frequency ceramic spacer, never deformed
2. The high and low coils are first wrapped with NOMEX insulation material, and the H-class insulation of special formula is impregnated several times by VIP vacuum pressure equipment. After repeated baking, the external high-strength insulation material is sealed and cured at high temperature. The high-voltage coil adopts a continuous structure with high mechanical strength and good heat dissipation conditions.
3. The iron core is made of imported high-quality high-magnetic permeability silicon steel disc. The step-type 45o full-slant structure, the winding and the iron core adopt elastic fixing device, which makes the transformer have low no-load loss and noise.
4. The lead wire terminal is fixed on the upper part of the winding, the tap is in the middle of the winding, the low voltage line terminal is plate type to the conductive row, and cold pressure welding is adopted.
5. The non-encapsulated coil three-phase dry-type power transformer produced by American UL-approved NOMEX insulation technology has the advantages of safety, reliability, energy saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof, good environmental performance and simple maintenance.
SG(B)10 non-encapsulated dry-type transformer

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