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Dry type transformer


SCB11 1250kva three phase cast resin dry type power transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-23 10:17:15

SCB11 1250kva three phase cast resin dry type power transformer
This kind SCB11 1250kva three phase cast resin dry type power transformer  is the main transformer equipment of medium and small-sized transformer substation, supplies power distribution, power and illumination for the industry and agriculture, Hotel airport, power plant, hospital, skyscraper, shopping center and residential areas.
Low noise: the product noise level is 10-15 db lower than the existing professional standard JB/T10088-1999 Sound Level of 6-220KV Transformer
Low partial discharge: resin mixture adopts foreign leading-edge mixing method and film type vacuum deaerator to evenly mix the mixture and remove the bubble in the bottom part of mixture. The product has a low partial discharge which can be controlled at 5PC. Both high voltage and low voltage coils can be poured in vacuum pressure so as to enable a encapsulating of resin insulation and immersion among layers and inter-turns. The poured part has a compact solidity structure with anti-flaming, anti-explosion and environmental protection features.
Great mechanical strength: resin with fillings can lower the differences of dilatation coefficient, cure shrinkage rate and internal stress as well as increase the hardness of condensate within the poured area. Precast and fashioned reinforcing materials are placed in the seal coat of epoxy resin which is painted on the inside and outside surface of high and low-voltage coil, making the structure as compact as the reinforced concrete so that the mechanical strength is greater than epoxy resin which can bear the electro-dynamic action caused by sudden short-circuit without damage.
1.Insulation Electrical Dry-type Transformer
2.IEC Standards
3.High efficiency,low loss,low noise
4.Long lifetime
6.Copper winding or alluminum winding
Product Characteristics:
1. safe, fire-retardant, fireproof and pollution-free.
2. It can be directly installed at the load center, is free of maintenance and easy and convenient to install, and has low comprehensive running cost.
3. With high moisture resistance, it runs normally at the moisture of 100% and can be put into operation without being dried after outage, with low loss and local discharge capacity.
4. It has small noise, strong short circuit resistance and excellent environmental performance, and can run under severe environmental condition.
Packaging Details
1, Wrapped with plastic film.
2, Fixed in a wooden case.
3, Wooden case on a pallet.
shanghai port
Lead Time :
10~ 20 days
To ZTELEC to purchase SCB11 1250kva three phase cast resin dry type power transformer, safe and reliable, good after-sales service.

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