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Dry type transformer


China 10kv Three Phase Dry Type Distribution Transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-23 10:23:51

China 10kv Three Phase Dry Type Distribution Transformer
China 10kv Three Phase Dry Type Distribution Transformer
apply to ac 50/60H z, voltage 1000V and under circuit s, it is low-voltage complete switch equipment and electrical transmission control device of three phases power transformer.
Features & Advantages  
The epoxy resin casting dry-type transformer manufactured by weite transformer is a type of transformer with low noise, low loss and low partial discharge. With excellent structure, superior materials, scientific design, strict production technology and advanced testing method, the transformer also has the following advantages:       
1. Self-extinguishing and inflaming retarding, fire-proof and explosion-proof, pollution-free and no toxic gas being generated.
2. Excellent damp-proof performance, capable of working under 100% relative humidity and other harsh conditions, with no damp-removing measures needed.
3. Thin resin structure realizes chap-free surface and excellent heat-dispersion performance.
4. Great overload capability, capable of operating continuously under 110% overload conditions and in case of air forced cooling, operating continuously under150% overload conditions.
5. Nice appearance, small-size, less installation space occupation and low engineering cost.
6. Each performance index and technical specification excels those specified in China GB, international IEC or industrial standards.  
Conditions of Use
The height above the sea level is below 1000m;
Highest air temperature +40ºC;
Highest daily average air temperature+30ºC;
Highest annual average air temperature +20ºC;
Lowest outdoor air temperature -5ºC.
ZTELEC has absorbed foreign advanced technology and integrated innovation to develop China 10kv Three Phase Dry Type Distribution Transformer. This power transformer is fireproof and explosion-proof, safe and stable.