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Dry type transformer


Winding Core dry distribution transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-30 14:11:27

 Winding Core dry  distribution transformer,Stereo roll iron core transformer, dry  distribution transformer
Low loss: Because the Winding Core dry distribution transformer has the characteristics of small joint magnetic resistance, the magnetic circuit of the corner is consistent with the magnetic direction of the silicon steel sheet, the winding tight filling coefficient is high, and the iron core is light. Compared with the traditional stacked core dry transformer, the no-load loss Po can be reduced by 18% to 28%. The no-load current Io drops by 50% to 60%. The energy saving effect is remarkable and the operation is economical.
Low noise: The noise level of the three-dimensional coil core transformer is 5-10 dB lower than that of the stacked iron core transformer. It is 15 to 20 decibels lower than the current professional standard JB/T10088-2004 "6-220kV transformer noise", which is an ideal silent product.
Low partial discharge: The resin mixing material adopts the most advanced mixing method and the vacuum film degassing technology to make the mixture evenly stirred, completely eliminates the bubbles in the middle of the mixture. The high and low pressure coils are all poured under vacuum pressure, and the resin is insulated. It has full encapsulation and is completely impregnated between layers. The partial discharge of the product is controlled below 5PC. The cast body has a dense solidified structure, which is flame retardant, explosion-proof and does not pollute the environment.
High mechanical strength: The three-dimensional coil core adopts a circular core cross section, and the short circuit resistance is better than the long round section. The resin with filler has a small difference in expansion coefficient in the casting body, a small curing shrinkage rate, a small internal stress, and a high hardness of the cured product, and a pre-formed reinforcing material is placed in the epoxy resin encapsulating layer on the inner and outer surfaces of the high and low voltage coils. With a dense structure like reinforced concrete, the mechanical strength is much greater than that of pure epoxy resin, so the product can withstand sudden short-circuit electric power without damage.

No Load
No Load 
Current (%)
HV Tap range LV
30 Yyn0






0.4 150 710 2.3 4
50 215 1000 2.2
80 295 1380 1.7
100 320 1570 1.7
125 375 1850 1.5
160 430 2130 1.5
200 495 2530 1.3
250 575 2760 1.3
315 705 3470 1.1
400 785 3990 1.1
500 930 4880 1.1
630 1070 5880 0.9
630 1040 5960 0.9 6
800 1215 6960 0.9
1000 1415 8130 0.9
1250 1670 9690 0.9

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