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Dry type transformer


SC10 epoxy resin cast dry transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-09-03 16:29:19

SC10 epoxy resin cast dry transformer
SC10 epoxy resin cast dry transformer

Safe, fireproof, non-polluting, can run directly in the load center.
Adopting German HTT technology, it has high mechanical strength, strong short circuit resistance, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability and long service life.
Low loss, low noise, obvious energy saving effect and maintenance-free.
Good heat dissipation performance, strong overload capacity, and increased capacity operation when forced air cooling.
It has good moisture resistance and is suitable for operation in high humidity and other harsh environments.
It is equipped with a complete temperature monitoring and protection system. The intelligent signal temperature control system can automatically monitor and patrol the respective working temperatures of the three-phase windings, automatically start and stop the fans, and have alarm, trip and other function settings.
Small size, light weight, less floor space and low installation cost.
The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, 45-degree stepped full-slant joint structure, and the three-shear and two-punch core chamfering shearing process and five-step stepping shearing and lamination process are used to improve the magnetic flux at the joint. Distribution reduces the vibration energy of the core. The core is integrally cured and the surface is sealed with an insulating resin, which effectively reduces the no-load loss, no-load flow and core noise.
The high-voltage coil is made of high-quality F-class insulated copper foil and international advanced insulating material. The large-capacity coil has a cooling air passage along the axial direction. This structure has good resistance to current surge, temperature change, crack resistance and excellent heat dissipation. It adopts multi-stage segmented cylindrical structure and has strong over-voltage capability and low partial discharge level. The coil mold is vacuum dried and then poured. The entire casting and solidification process is completed according to the pre-programmed process curve. The precise process control ensures that the coil has no pores and voids.
The low-voltage coil adopts a foil structure, which effectively solves the problem of low-voltage, high-current coils using a wire-wound type of ampoule imbalance, and the foil coil has no axial turns and axially wound helix angles, effectively eliminating the The axial force of the transformer during short circuit ensures that the current density in the coil can be freely adjusted in the axial direction according to the high voltage coil load distribution, reducing the radial force at the time of low voltage sudden short circuit. The coiled end of the coil is cured with a resin seal to prevent the entry of various foreign matter and moisture.

Iron core
  The iron core is made of imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, three-stage full-slant joint structure, the core column is bundled with F and no weft, and the surface of the iron core is sealed with epoxy resin, which reduces the no-load loss, no-load current and iron core. Noise, clips and fasteners are specially surface treated to further improve the appearance of the product.

High voltage winding
  The high-voltage winding is vacuum-casted with filled epoxy resin, which greatly reduces the partial discharge and improves the electrical strength of the coil. The inner and outer walls of the winding are reinforced with a glass fiber network board, which enhances the mechanical strength of the coil and improves the product against sudden short-circuit. Ability, the coil will never crack.

Low voltage winding
    The low-voltage winding adopts a foil structure, which solves the problem that the wirewound is an axial helix angle, which makes the ampoule more balanced, and the axial cooling air passage is used for the winding, which enhances the heat dissipation capability, and the DMD epoxy resin is used between the winding layers. Pre-invasion cloth, solidified and formed.

Temperature control system and air cooling system
The utility model adopts a cross-flow top-blown cooling fan, which has the characteristics of small noise, high wind pressure and beautiful appearance, and enhances the overload capability of the transformer. The temperature control adopts an intelligent temperature controller to improve the safety and reliability of the transformer operation.

Protective casing and busbar
     The protective casing transformer is further protected by safety. The protection grades are IP20, IP23, etc. The outer casing material is cold-rolled steel plate and stainless steel plate for users to choose. The lower busbar line can be used for the standard busbar discharge line, the side outlet line and the top outlet line, and the user can also design a special outlet mode.

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