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Oil immersed transformer


Amorphous alloy transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-06-09 10:56:38

Amorphous alloy transformer
What is an amorphous alloy transformer?

The main difference between amorphous alloy transformers and ordinary transformers is that iron cores and amorphous alloy transformers use Fe-based amorphous alloys instead of ordinary silicon steels.
Where are the advantages of amorphous alloy transformers?
1. Ultra-low loss characteristics, energy saving, high power consumption efficiency;
2. The use of lower energy sources and its ultra-low loss characteristics in the manufacture of amorphous metal materials can significantly save power consumption and reduce the power generation of the power plant. Relatively reduced CO2 SO2 emissions, lower environmental pollution and greenhouse effect, maintenance-free No pollution;
3. Low operating temperature, slow insulation aging, long service life of the transformer;
4. High overload capacity, high mechanical strength;
5. Amorphous iron cores still have the characteristics of low iron loss and low excitation current when they pass a relatively high frequency magnetic flux without causing core saturation, so the amorphous alloy transformer SCRBH15 made of amorphous core has better performance. Harmonic immunity
6. Fast return on investment.

Why is the amorphous alloy transformer energy-saving?
The amorphous alloy process saves 6 to 8 processes compared to the conventional silicon steel sheet forming process, saving energy consumption by about 75%. After rapid cooling, the amorphous alloy has a molecular structure in a disorderly arrangement of amorphous state, and the high internal stress generated by quenching must be reduced by annealing between 200°C and 800°C. In this state, the metal is reduced. With special magnetic permeability, it can greatly reduce the transformer core's own loss. Amorphous alloy transformers have a 75% reduction in no-load losses compared to conventional silicon steel transformers.

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