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Oil immersed transformer


Stereo roll iron core transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-07-30 17:07:28

Stereo roll iron core transformer
Stereo roll iron core transformer
, three-dimensional combined coil core transformer, three-dimensional combined three-phase coil core transformer, triangular three-dimensional coil core transformer, three-dimensional triangular coil core transformer, etc. all refer to the three-dimensional coil core transformer, the letter RL appears in its model number. For example, S13-MRL-100/10, SCB11-RL-1000/10, wherein R represents a wound core, and L represents a three-dimensional structure.
The three-dimensional coil core transformer is an energy-saving power transformer. It creatively reforms the laminated magnetic circuit structure and three-phase layout of the traditional power transformer to optimize the product performance, such as the three-phase magnetic circuit is completely symmetrical and the power saving effect. Significant, noise reduction, heat dissipation and overload capacity, compact structure and small size.