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Oil immersed transformer


S(B)H15 amorphous alloy oil immersed power transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-17 15:56:03

S(B)H15 amorphous alloy oil immersed power transformer
S(B)H15 amorphous alloy oil-immersed power transformer adopts a fully sealed structure, which can delay the aging of transformer oil and insulating paper. It is not only compact, but also has the advantages of high operating efficiency and maintenance-free. Amorphous alloy transformers have very stable operation performance due to low loss, low heat generation and low temperature rise. The low-voltage winding of the amorphous alloy transformer is foil-wound, with low loss, strong short-circuit resistance, and advanced and reasonable structure. Transformer connection group adopts Dyn11, which can reduce the influence of harmonics on the power grid, improve power supply quality, and improve power supply.
The oil-immersed transformer with amorphous alloy as the iron core is characterized by energy saving and environmental protection. First of all, in environmental protection, after technical testing, when the amorphous alloy iron core is used in oil-immersed transformers, it can effectively reduce harmful gases such as CO, SO, NO, etc., and reduce the degree of atmospheric pollution, so it can be called the 21st century power products. "Green products." Secondly, the most notable feature of amorphous alloy transformers is that the no-load loss is very low and the energy-saving effect is obvious. Since the amorphous alloy material has superior magnetic permeability, it is easier to magnetize or demagnetize with little energy consumption. Therefore, the no-load loss of amorphous alloy transformers is much lower than that of conventional transformers. For areas with large fluctuations in power load such as roads, urban infrastructure and residential quarters, the energy-saving benefits of S(B)H15 amorphous alloy power transformer are more obvious. Due to the significant energy saving effect, a large amount of power plant investment can be saved, and the consumption of power generation fuel can be reduced, thereby reducing pollution to the atmospheric environment.

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