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Oil immersed transformer


S13 oil immersed low loss power transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-30 14:26:54
35KV grade S13 oil immersed low loss power transformer is a three-phase oil-immersed R-type, stepped coil core distribution transformer. The stepped three-column inner and outer frame rolling structure is not tied at the outermost spot welding. The core material is selected from cold-rolled silicon steel sheets such as DQ133-30 (type 9), 30ZH120 (type 11), and 23ZH90 (type 13). The core material used in actual production is not lower than the pattern requirement. The core is continuously rolled without seams. The R-shaped core piece width ensures that the core section is circular, and the stepped core is rolled in a multi-stage sheet width. After the iron core is formed, vacuum annealing is performed to eliminate stress and reduce loss.
35KV oil immersed low loss transformer adopts fully sealed corrugated fuel tank structure, transformer oil and surrounding air are not in contact, so transformer oil will not absorb external moisture, so it will not reduce the insulation strength; in addition, oxygen can not enter the fuel tank, thus avoiding insulation The aging of the material increases the service life of the product and also increases social benefits.
Technical characteristics
S13 oil immersed low loss power transformer
Energy saving: 35KV class is 30% lower than GB/T6451 no-load loss, load loss is reduced by 25% on average, and operating costs are reduced by 20% on average.
Long service life: The transformer tank adopts a fully sealed structure. The fuel tank and the box can be connected or welded by bolts. The transformer oil does not contact with the air to prolong the service life.
High operational reliability: improvements in fuel tank sealing related components, increased reliability, and improved process levels to ensure seal reliability.
Small footprint: S13-M series transformer fuel tank adopts corrugated plate radiator. When the oil temperature changes, the corrugated plate thermal expansion and contraction can replace the role of the oil conservator. The corrugated plate fuel tank has beautiful appearance and small footprint.

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