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Special purpose transformer


Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer made in china

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-04-25 10:45:14

Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer  made  in  china
The full name of the Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer is a three-phase dry phase-shifting rectifier transformer, which belongs to an open type dry transformer. It can also be called a multi-pulse phase-shift rectifier transformer or a multi-winding phase-shift rectifier transformer.
An important technology in high voltage variable frequency speed control technology is multiplexing technology. It uses an isolation transformer to superimpose (in series) multiple low voltage modules to form a high voltage output, which is mainly composed of multiple low voltage power units and control units, each power. The unit is powered by a three-phase winding of a multi-winding isolating transformer. This multi-winding isolating transformer has a phase difference between its secondary coils and realizes multiple inputs, thereby eliminating the pollution of the harmonics generated by the units on the power grid. This isolation transformer is called a multi-winding phase-shift rectifier transformer.
ZTELEC Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer to adopt new technology in the process to improve the mechanical strength of the windings and resistance to moisture, stain, fire and radiation, enhance the ability to resist sudden short circuits, and use stepped core joints to reduce noise. At the same time pay more attention to computer optimization design, so that the transformer is more energy-efficient, increased research on the intelligent aspects, and strive to make the transformer with data processing, status control, status display and other functions.