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ZPSG Type Phase-Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Power Transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-10 15:28:31

ZPSG Type Phase-Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Power Transformer
In line with market demand, ZTELEC successfully developed ZPSG Type Phase-Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Power Transformer based on the leading non-encapsulated dry-type transformer technology. Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer is designed according to the user and has a capacity of 250-5000kVA. The phase-shifting isolating transformer can effectively eliminate the harmonic pollution of the inverter to the power grid, and the design of the high-voltage inverter can be more flexible.
The dry type power transformer adopts H-class insulation, and has various shapes and structures, beautiful and simple, and the external dimensions can be determined according to the requirements of the user. As long as the requirements of the user installation are met, the transformer is small in size and compact in structure. According to the size of the transformer, there are 9 phase, 12 side, 15 side, 18 side and 24 side phase shifting windings. Quick response, short production cycle, adapt to market demand.
Product use and features:
ZPSG Type Phase-Shifting Rectifier Dry-type Power Transformer is a dry power transformer with non-encapsulated winding and open ventilation structure. It has good heat dissipation performance, strong thermal shock resistance, large overload capacity, flame retardance and good fire resistance. Low loss, small partial discharge, low noise, no toxic gas, no pollution to the environment, insensitivity to humidity and dust, small size, no cracking, and simple maintenance. It is most suitable for use in environments with high fire protection requirements and high load fluctuations, such as offshore oil platforms, thermal power plants, waterworks, metallurgical chemicals, mining and building materials, etc.

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