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Special purpose transformer


Multi-pulse rectifier transformer for high-voltage inverter

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-20 17:54:39
Multi-pulse rectifier transformer for high-voltage inverter
    At present, high-voltage variable frequency speed control energy-saving technology has developed rapidly, and high-voltage-grade large-capacity frequency converters have been widely used, such as speed control of fans and pump equipment, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and save production costs. Dry phase shift rectifier transformer is used as the driving power source of high voltage inverter. ZTELEC has developed Multi-pulse rectifier transformer for high-voltage inverter, which has high voltage level: 3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 20KV, 35KV, and wide range of capacity: From 300kVA to 5000kVA, the phase shift angle is varied: there are 18 pulse waves, 24 pulse waves, 36 pulse waves, 48 ​​pulse waves, and the shape and structure are diversified, which can adapt to the special requirements of different users.
    The rectifier transformer is the power transformer of the rectifier device. The rectification device is characterized by the original input current, and the secondary side outputs DC after rectifying the original. Converter is a general term for three working modes of rectification, countercurrent and frequency conversion. Rectification is one of the most widely used. A transformer used as a power source for a rectifying device is called a rectifying transformer. Most of the industrial rectified DC power supplies are obtained by the AC grid through rectifier transformers and rectifier equipment. The rectifier transformer is a step-down transformer. After the voltage is reduced to the required voltage, it is rectified by the semiconductor tube. The principle of the transformer is the same as that of the ordinary transformer.
    Multi-pulse rectifier transformer for high-voltage inverter is a device for converting AC voltage according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Transformers generally have two separate windings, the primary and secondary, which share a core. The primary winding of the transformer is connected to the AC power source, and an alternating current flows in the winding to generate a magnetic potential, so that there is an alternating magnetic flux in the closed core. The primary and secondary windings cut the magnetic lines of force, and the secondary frequency can induce the same frequency of alternating current. The initial and secondary winding turns ratio of the transformer is equal to the voltage ratio. Then use a high power diode to make a full bridge rectification.
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