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H-class dry phase shifting rectifier transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-20 18:08:32


H-class dry phase shifting rectifier transformer

   ZYSG type H-class dry phase shifting rectifier transformer is a dry special transformer with non-encapsulated winding and open ventilation structure. It has good heat dissipation performance, strong thermal shock resistance, large overload capacity, flame retardancy and good fire resistance. Low loss, small partial discharge, low noise, no toxic gas, no pollution to the environment, insensitivity to humidity and dust, small size, no cracking, and simple maintenance. It is most suitable for use in environments with high fire protection requirements and high load fluctuations, such as offshore oil platforms, thermal power plants, waterworks, metallurgical chemicals, mining and building materials, etc.

Iron core: 0.3mm thick cold-rolled high-magnetic grain oriented aligned silicon steel sheet, 45° full oblique joint, three-step stepping, no punching, surface coated with epoxy resin, anti-corrosion Rust, low loss, low noise and high mechanical strength.
Coil: High-voltage coil: It adopts continuous structure with high mechanical strength and good heat dissipation condition, and is impregnated with H-class solvent-free impregnating paint multiple times by VPI vacuum pressing equipment. It is baked at high temperature to make it moisture-proof and excellent. Thermal shock, no cracks, easy to decompose and recycle after life, environmental protection.
Low-voltage coil: It adopts foil structure and is made of NOMEX paper for interlayer insulation. It has strong short-circuit resistance and high mechanical strength. The windings are subjected to two vacuum pressure immersion treatments with strong four-proof characteristics, namely moisture proof, mold proof, salt spray prevention and weak acid resistance.

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