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Special purpose transformer


Three-phase dry rectifier transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-27 16:18:03

dry rectifier transformer,Three-phase rectifier transformer
The three-phase dry rectifier transformer is an important component of power supply isolation, voltage conversion, and phase shifting in power electronics such as rectifier equipment and switching power supplies. Through the continuous development and innovation of the company's technical personnel, ZTELEC can provide a variety of models and uses of rectifier transformers, according to the user's ordering requirements to arrange production and supply.
1. Reference standards: IEC 60076-1-5, IEC 61378-1:1997, JB/T 8636-1997, GB 1094.11-2007, GB 1094.1-2013, GB 1094.2-2013
2. Single-phase rectifier transformer, providing matching transformers suitable for half-wave, full-wave, single-phase bridge controllable or uncontrolled rectifiers
3. Three-phase rectifier transformer, suitable for places requiring 6 pulse wave (double winding) and 12 pulse wave (three winding), such as electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, sewage treatment, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, coal, cement Industries and fields where high power such as rolling mills (steel mills) and harmonic currents on the grid side are required
4. Phase-shifting rectifier transformers, with the vigorous development of industry and transportation, the demand for rectifier equipment is increasing. At the same time, a large number of harmonics generated by the rectifier system also seriously pollute the power grid. Therefore, the rectifier system must suppress harmonic pollution while ensuring DC. The efficiency of the current must be such that the number of rectified pulse waves reaches 12 pulses or more. In 2012, our company developed a 24-pulse and 36-pulse primary-edge Yanbian triangle phase shift consisting of two or three transformers. The output phase shift rectifier transformer is widely used in various industries.
5. Rated capacity: 100-6300kVA
6. Cooling method: air self-cooling (AN), air cooling (AF), Feng Shui (AFWF)
7. Others: rated voltage, phase shift angle (pulse wave number), joint group, etc.

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