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Special purpose transformer


Three-phase mining distribution transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-08-27 16:34:31

Three-phase mining distribution transformer,KSG type mine explosion-proof transformer
The three-phase mine distribution transformer is the main component of various power and electrical equipment. The isolation transformer consists of a cylindrical winding and a laminated core. The core is made of a new high-quality high-silicon silicon steel sheet and fully slanted. ZTELEC adopts advanced production technology, imported Spanish winding machine and complete vacuum pressure dipping equipment; winding adopts the method of winding out the whole row; vacuum impregnation of the transformer makes the insulation grade of the transformer reach F or H. The output and input voltage of the transformer can be designed according to customer requirements. Available in single, three or multiple inputs and outputs.
I transformer material description:
1 iron core
Adopting new high-quality high silicon silicon steel sheet, the main material is 0.35 thick H18, H14, H12, Z11 high quality silicon steel sheet. We choose the most suitable material according to the requirements and conditions of the room to make the transformer performance design the best. (Conventional materials are new high quality silicon steel sheets).
2 wire
It adopts PEW, UEW, EIW, SEIW, FEAI enameled wire and glass wire covered wire. The temperature resistance grade is F grade (155 °C), H grade (180 °C), HC grade (200 °C), C grade (220 °C). (The conventional temperature resistance grade is H grade 180 ° C).
 3 insulation material
High temperature insulation paper is used as insulation material, which has high temperature insulation, flame retardant and moisture resistance.
4 terminal block
 The low power adopts the terminal block, which has beautiful appearance and excellent pressure resistance, temperature resistance and flame retardant performance. The high power uses high quality copper bars.
 5 iron feet
It mainly adopts CNC bending cold-rolling plate, which is available in environmental protection plating such as multi-colored (golden) plating, blue zinc (silver white), white zinc (ivory white) and surface anodized (black).
II working conditions
 1. The altitude does not exceed 2500m, and the ambient atmospheric pressure is 80~110KPa;
 2. The ambient temperature is -5 °C ~ +40 °C,
 3. The relative temperature of the surrounding air is not more than 95% (+25 °C);
 4. In an environment where there is a dangerous mixture of methane explosives and coal dust;
 5. In an environment free of damaging insulating gases or vapors;
 6. Where there is no significant shaking or shock vibration;
 7. The installation slope with the horizontal plane does not exceed 15°;
 8. A place that can prevent dripping;
 9. Installation category: Class III;
 10. Pollution level: Level 3.
III structural features
The casing of the three-phase mining distribution transformer is made of steel plate welded, and the casing can withstand 8 atmospheric pressure hydraulic tests; the contact surface between the cover and the box edge meets the requirements of explosion-proof; the cover is made of steel plate There are two cable outlet sleeves on the top. The rubber gasket is placed on the inner surface of the outlet sleeve. The cable passes through the rubber washer. After the coil is screwed out, the cable can be pressed by a rubber gasket to ensure the seal. The outer diameter of the cable to be used must be rubber. The gaskets are tightly fitted to ensure that the cable can be compacted and completely sealed to ensure a guaranteed performance;
 The high-voltage coil of KSG type mine explosion-proof transformer can be connected into star connection or delta connection. The corresponding supply voltages are 380 and 220V, or 400 and 230V 660V 1140V. When changing the connection, disconnect the transformer from the power supply, open the cover, and carry it on the body wiring board.
There are bolts for grounding on the inner surface of the casing, and grounding bolts are also welded to the casing of the casing, which should be properly grounded. The outside of the casing is welded with a trailer for dragging in a horizontal position and can be stored upright during transportation or storage.