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NMN insulation paper

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-08-11 11:50:14

NMN insulation paper
NMN insulation paper

Soft composite
NOMEX®-Polyester Film - NOMEX®

NMN-H is composed of a 6020/6021 clear or opalescent polyester film compounded on both sides of DuPont nomex® 464. The adhesive used is acid free and resistant to high temperatures.
NMN-H has good mechanical properties (tensile strength and edge tearing properties) and electrical properties. Its surface is smooth, ensuring trouble-free when producing low-voltage motors using automatic lowering machines, temperature class H (180 ° C).
Application areas:
NMN-H is used for low-voltage motors, power tools, electrical appliances for slot insulation, gasket insulation, turn-to-turn insulation and wedge insulation, and interlayer insulation of transformers.
NMN-H can be stored indefinitely at (20 ° C, 50% r. h.).
Product Category:
Coil: non-cut width 914mm, trim 905mm
Sheet: Any length and width in the range of 905*1000mm
Dish: 5mm-905mm
Roll diameter: not less than 300mm
Die size: conventional 76mm

ZTELEC is a company specializing in the production of DMD and NMN insulation papers in China with complete product specifications and reliable quality.
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