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Cotton Electrical Banding

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-08-14 17:36:16

Cotton Electrical Banding
Cotton Electrical Banding
: It is made of 21 pairs / 2 strands, 42 pairs / 2 strands of superior grade 1 cotton yarn, which is soft in texture and low in price. The appearance is white, smooth, no damage, and has the advantages of good insulation performance and high temperature resistance. It is a good insulating material. It allows electrical products to achieve superior insulation properties, extending product life, reducing size and weight. It is mainly used for insulation and binding of motors, communication cables and power transformer coils. It is an indispensable insulation lashing material for electrical products.

Specification Width(mm) Density (number of roots) Pulling force(kg) Length per lap
Width (mm) × yarn count   warp weft    
20×42 20±1.5 50 12 20 30
25×42 25±1.5 64 12 25 30
20×21 20±1.5 54 10 40 30
25×21 25±1.5 70 10 55 30

 ZTELEC is a professional manufacturer of Cotton Electrical Banding, located in Xuchang City, Henan Province. Over the years, our company has been adhering to the strategic thinking of 'forge ahead, technological innovation', and constantly upgrading its products on the basis of quality assurance. At present, it has formed a variety of products, multi-level and diversified sales models.