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Aluminum base copper clad laminate

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-08-28 16:09:16

Aluminum base copper clad laminate
Aluminum base copper clad laminate
is an excellent heat-dissipating printed circuit board substrate. The aluminum substrate has stable dimensionality, small thermal resistance, good plasticity, and can be processed by shearing, cutting, punching, etc., and can also be adapted to the usual electroplating process and the bonding tape bonding process. Aluminum CCL consists of a circuit layer, a thermally conductive insulating layer and an aluminum metal-based three-layer structure.
The surface of the functional device is mounted on the circuit layer, and the heat generated by the device is conducted to the heat conductive layer through the insulating layer, and then diffused from the metal substrate to the outside of the module to achieve heat dissipation effect on the device or the electronic product. It minimizes thermal resistance and provides excellent thermal conductivity for substrates compared to conventional rigid copper clad laminates. Compared with ceramic circuit boards, it has excellent mechanical properties and processing properties.
Aluminum base copper clad laminate performance advantages:
1) more efficient processing of thermal diffusion in circuit design;
2) During operation, the temperature of the device and module can be reduced, the service life can be extended, and the power density and reliability can be improved;
3) Reduce the assembly of heat sinks and hardware (including thermal interface materials), reduce module size, and reduce hardware and assembly costs;
4) Metal CCL is light in weight, anti-oxidation, inexpensive, and good heat dissipation.

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