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Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-08-28 16:13:34

CEM-3 copper clad Laminated,CEM-3 CCL,FR-4 CCL
is mainly used in computers, LED industry, watches, general household appliances and general electronic products (such as VCD, DVD, toys, game consoles, etc.). Its main feature is better punching performance, suitable for large-volume PCB products that require stamping process.
CEM-3 CCL is a complex material composed of metal, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer materials. In addition to metal, although there are two components of glass fiber and epoxy resin in the composition, they have been combined into a composite material. Although the glass fiber component is quartz glass, it is no longer a uniform continuous medium, but a porous material. The heat exchange form has air heat conduction and fiber heat conduction, and air heat conduction is the main heat conduction mode. In the structure, the epoxy resin replaces the air to fill the voids of the glass fiber. Therefore, in essence, the composite material is a polymer material that conducts heat, and its thermal conductivity depends on the thermal conductivity of the matrix epoxy resin. . In the structure, the epoxy resin reacts with the dicyandiamide curing agent to form a polymer. The system is in a saturated state, no free electrons exist, and molecular motion is difficult. The heat conduction is mainly the result of lattice vibration, and the phonon is the main thermal energy loader. Due to the random entanglement of the polymer chain, the large molecular weight and the polydispersity of the molecular weight, the polymer cannot form a complete crystal, and the vibration of the molecular chain exacerbates the scattering of phonons. The superposition of all factors leads to the low thermal conductivity of the polymer. Therefore, the ordinary CEM-3 copper clad laminated has poor thermal conductivity.
The CEM-3 CCL produced by ZTELEC has three quality grades of A1, A2 and A3, which meet the requirements of various customers.