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phenolic paper-based copper clad laminate

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-08-29 14:01:17

The phenolic paper-based copper clad laminate is an insulating laminate with a phenolic resin as a binder and a wood pulp fiber paper as a reinforcing material.
The FR-1 phenolic paper substrate is generally punched, and has the advantages of low cost, low price, and low relative density. However, its low operating temperature, moisture resistance and heat resistance are slightly lower than those of epoxy fiberglass cloth CCL.
The XPC paper substrate is mainly composed of a single-sided copper clad laminate. However, in recent years, double-sided copper clad laminates for silver paste through holes have also appeared. It is more resistant to silver ion migration than ordinary phenolic paper-based copper clad laminates.
ZTELEC has two phenolic paper-based copper clad laminates, FR-1 (flame retardant) and XPC (non-flame retardant).